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    Question Can 2 SAS disks improve system performance than 1 disk?

    I am wondering if I get a 2 CPU server with 16G memory, each is quard core, can 2 SAS disks improve system performance than just one disk? There is no RAID setup involved.

    I am ignorant on how server works, but guessing while a CPU is working on one disk, the other one could work on another disk for another job. if only one disk, while a CPU is working on this disk, there is another job comes to work on the same disk, the latter should have to wait till the previous job done because each disk just has one head. Therefore, the 2 disks performance should be a little better, Not sure if I am right? Thanks.

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    Well if there's no RAID setup, then they are still two separate disks so overall depending on what volumes are placed on the second disk, you probably won't experience much of a difference.

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    If you split your files over the two disks, then clearly if one application is reading data from disk 1 then another application can read from disk 2 independantly.

    However this would rely on that exact senario, it is probably unlikely to be the case very often and in the real world I wouldn't expect much difference.

    This has nothing to do with 2 CPU's though, as if you only had one CPU the operating system would manage the threads (applications) in exactly the same way.

    Even better would be to get raid 0 or raid 10, where all files are split over two disks for most every day senarios and a decent raid controller. If you believe you are going to be reading multiple files then you increase the size of each chunk in the raid to reduce the number of seeks.
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