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    Server Off-line 3 Hours!


    Could anyone help me? anyone have contact with my server is offline have 3 hours and no one answers me of the support! this server can not go offline! I'm desperate! Can someone help me?

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    Looks like they resell

    Maybe you have better luck contacting them.
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    I tried! but could not succeed! the interserver said could not help!
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    AFAIK, they do not resell interserver, they have their own racks and gear.
    Why is it down? Perhaps suspended for abuse or non-payment?
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    This is basically why I don't like doing business with people who has a website with no phone number or at least an address, just an email.

    When in need, who are we suppose to look for? Something like what's happening now, it's an emergency and you email them but 3 hours and they still do not answer, what's your next solution?

    By the way, I doubt that InterServer would even care about replying to you or etc. They are not dealing with you, they are dealing with them. They are not suppose to even do anything at all.

    I don't know if this is good or bad but this is what I got from their WHOIS. Try calling... you might not know what you get but it's better than nothing.

    Administrative Contact:
    Domain Manager
    PO BOX 2134
    Secaucus, NJ 07096
    Phone: +1.8148085483
    Aaron Ong
    Dedicated Servers - 100TB Servers - 100Mbps Unmetered Servers - Web Hosting - CDN Network
    Servers in Central, East/West Coast USA, EUROPE and ASIA
    Welltodo Century
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    the support is helping me now! Thanks Honeline! Good Support!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGotzmann View Post
    AFAIK, they do not resell interserver, they have their own racks and gear.
    Why is it down? Perhaps suspended for abuse or non-payment?
    Correct, Anantha and team own all their gear.
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    Hi Moderator,

    Can you close this post?
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