Welcome to Amforma Ltd, we are a London based IT consultancy company.
Over the period of time internet is growing faster, the domains, web design , web hosting and web marketing growth has doubled and is rapidly increasing. There are more web hosts and web development companies required to develop and to maintain the websites.
We are offering a detailed 2 hours seminar on how to setup a web hosting and web designing business without prior advanced technical knowledge. We will build your knowledge base, provide you effective tools and techniques to establish your own web hosting business.

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The event covers the following topics


1. What are the domain names?
2. How to setup a domain resellers account to purchase domain at wholesale rates?
3. What are the various domains available?
4. What are the name servers?
5. How do we map a domain to a web hosting server ?
6. What are the CNAMES, A RECORDS, NS Records
7. What are the DNS Settings ?

Web hosting:

1. What is web hosting?
2. What are the web servers ?
3. What are the various ways of web hosting available on todays date?
4. What are the main control panels used for web hosting servers?
5. What is a cPAnel/WHM control panel?
6. What is a Plesk Control panel ?
7. What are the Virtual Private Servers?
8. What are the dedicated servers?
9. How do I setup a web hosting server - General overview ?

Web Design:

1. I have a domain & Web hosting, Now what ?
2. What is web design ?
3. What is web development ?
4. Basic overview of HTML
5. Basic overview of tools available for web hosting
6. Basic overview of open sources used for websites like: Joomla, Wordpress, OScommerce and more
7. How do we arrange the content for a website?
8. How do we arrange professional photos for the websites?
9. I am not a designer, so how do I get a website design ?
10. What is Google Analytics ?

Web Marketing:

1. What is Web Marketing?
2. What is SEO?
3. What is PPC?
4. What is CPC and CTR ?
5. How to setup a Google, facebook, yahoo and bing adverts ?
6. What is back linking?
7. How do we promote business through social media like: Facebook, Linkedin and twitter
8. What are the other ways of web marketing? like: forums, blogs etc

Questions and Answers?


1. How do I setup my web design and development company ?
2. How do I get my first customer ?
3. How do I provide support to my customers ?

& questions from audience.

The totat event duration is 2 hours.

The event is based on Online WebEx meeting. You will see a live presentation through your local computer, which will be connected to our host.

Following are the requirement:

- Meeting is a web seminar
- PC / Mac
- Internet connection
- Telephone line for - audio conferencing.

Whom it is for?
- For New business startup
- For Individuals looking to start web design and development business
- For web hosting resellers

Join: http://www.amforma.com/hostingevent/