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    * Need your advice on how to advertise support


    I've been providing web hosting & web design for over a year now. I support all of my customers myself and advertise 24/hour support on my website/in marketing material (alarm set on my phone).

    My customers who have requested support a few times come to realize that I am running a one-man operation. While I am guilty of trying to hide this when I started I've noticed that this isn't necessary a bad thing and my customers aren't phased by this. In fact most of my customers start contacting me by my personal email ([email protected]) rather than submitting a support ticket for example.

    My question is:

    Should I use this to my advantage and change my website/marketing material to say that it's run by me only?

    While this won't appeal to everyone looking for hosting it seems that my existing customers like being able to contact me personally.

    I would love to hear your opinions on this.


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    I also run my web hosting & web design services as a one-man operation (been a year now). My clients/customers know about that (as I told them so).
    I think, it should not be a problem, as long as you can provide great service and deliver great customer service to your customers.
    They all need their websites up and running well, and if there is such technical issue, the problem can be solved in timely manner - they should be happy with that
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    There is nothing wrong in advertising the fact. We were also two-people operation a couple of years back.

    In fact, now-a-days many clients are looking for small companies managed only by a handful of people so that they are known to all the staffs. Also, there has always been a perception (from customers' point of view) that the smaller the company is, the better the service and attention will be.
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    I'd recommend against it.

    Sure, it's nice that they're able to email you directly but how will you address that as you begin to grow, or implement true 24/7 support?

    This has definitely been a problem for us lately, and addressing it has been had a negative impact on our client relationships. They just got too used to being able to reach myself or our director of operations directly so correcting that 2 years into things has been a huge pain for everyone.

    One day you will reach a point where you just can't have everyone emailing you directly. Get them used to the support system now, don't give them your phone number, and prepare yourself for what you expect the company to grow into.

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    I agree with Michael. You have to plan for growth right from the start (unless you plan to stay one man operation which is a very legitimate goal as well if that is what you truly want).

    Getting customers to depend on You personally is not a good thing as you will struggle to pull away later when you need to hire more support people. They will always ask for You... they will want You... it's gonna be a problem if you plan to grow

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