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    Anywhere in the UK provide DNS service WITHOUT transfer?

    I have a domain registered in the US and I'd prefer the DNS be handled in the UK, where the VPS hosting the site is. At the moment I can't transfer it to a UK registrar due to ICANN's 60-day transfer restriction, which seems to limit my options considerably.

    I don't want full hosting, and I can't transfer the domain only set the name servers. Do any UK companies provide for such a scenario?

    My last resort is to set up DNS and whatnot on my server itself, but that's a level of complexity I wanted to keep off the VPS if possible as it's running a bare minimum of background processes for performance reasons.

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    I have domains hosted with Fasthosts, Gradwell and Blackfoot Hosting, all on hosting-only packages.

    AFAIK most UK hosting companies offer hosting as a standalone service.

    Hosting and registration are separate and distinct services. It's only in recent years that people have started to think of them as somehow having to be tied together (i.e., expecting hosting companies to provide registration services, and vice versa).

    PS Sorry, just realised you are looking for DNS hosting only. Fasthosts won't provide that. Don't know about Blackfoot. Gradwell do, as far as I am aware.

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    So are you looking for a UK DNS Host to point it to your VPS? is your VPS in the UK too? if so why not just host the DNS on your VPS?

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    Numerous providers should provide this for you, we used to offer this free on demand but requests have been all but non-existent recently.
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    i know has their dns5 nameserver in london, 1-4 in the us. alternatively use (which is use for most of my domains now) as they use anycast they have uk-based dns too ...

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    Not considered purchasing some LEB's and hosting your own?

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