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    Exclamation HETZNER EQ4 servers with Flexi & HwRAID-1 - ready for you!!! ONLY: 70 Euros takeover!



    I have 2 EQ4 servers available, each of them in such configuration:

    - EQ4 + 4 IPs included (no additional cost for IPs)
    - Flexipack
    - HwRAID 3ware (2-port)

    FYI - You can cancel Flexipack and/or HwRAID on your own (cancelation period according to Hetzner terms: 30 days to end of month). Flexi pack is not needed to keep additional IPs!

    Servers are located in Hetzner Data Centers: RZ10 and RZ11.

    Servers are available immediately.

    I would like to recive 70 Euro compensation for each server (setup was/is 149 Euros, so it is less than 50% of standard Hetzner setup price).

    If you are interested - please post information here that you take 1 or 2 servers and send me PM. I will generate transfer token and send it to you. Then you will be able to initiate Transfer in your Robot interface (if you are currently a Hetzner client or you will be able to create Robot account and then initiate transfer if you are not Hetzner client right now).

    I do accept payment via PayPal only.

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    When this server will be expired ?

    Unmanaged VPS and Shared Hosting
    Dedicated France Server Unmetered very Cheap

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    Servers are paid untill 31 May 2011. They are not pending expiration, they are just paid till end of the month.

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    Email sent.

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    Is this server already taken? If not I would like to take it (1 server) straight away Is PayPal ok for you?

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    i have bought all of the servers from him

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