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    Dedicated/VPS server, 2+gb of 1333mhz+ RAM & CPU to match

    Hi guys, I'm looking for either a VPS residing on a virtualisation cluster or a single Dedicated. Bandwith will be minimal so a ~100gb data package is just fine on a 100mbit connection.

    The server MUST be utilising sufficiently fast ram, Ideally 1333mhz+ with at least a dual core processor. RAM timings are not considered to be overly important, but lower would be preferable.

    The host must reside within Europe, Netherlands or Germany would be preferable.

    Price range needs to be as cheap as possible; but I am not defining a range as I'm not entirely sure what these sort of specs will require in terms of monthly costs. I am not looking to colocate.

    Any and all help with this issue is much appreciated.

    Regards, Griff.

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    Could you tell us a bit more on what budget you want to make available for this?
    Since you are located in UK, isn't it best finding a host that is also located in UK? - Online in no time
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    You didn't mention disk space or performance.

    VPS is probably going to be cheaper if you require minimal disk performance, but could be much more expensive if you require SAS/SSD etc.
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