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    Question Question about RSYNC for server backup

    Sample scenario:
    Server 1 with 1TB of files RSYNC to backup server. If server 1 hard drive fails, I replace the hard drive and RSYNC the files from backup server back to server 1.

    I plan on running RSYNC every night at a specific time. The problem is server 1's files are constantly changing. How do I make sure that server 1 and backup server will have the same exact files?

    For example:
    5/15/2011 - server 1 has 500 files
    5/15/2011 - backup server has 500 files
    5/16/2011 - server 1 has 510 files
    5/16/2011 - backup server runs RSYNC and grabs the new files but what about the old files that server 1 no longer has, does those files automatically delete from backup server after I run RSYNC?

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    It will automatically delete files on the target that don't exist at the source if you use the "--delete" option flag (or its shortcut).
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