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    Thumbs up Another review on smartservermanagement!

    To put it simply, one company who I won't name (yet) did a lot of damage 'hardening and optimizing' our master node, rendering my node completely unusable.

    I needed help, and fast.

    After being recommended by SLD, I messaged Chris from SmartServerManagement, who instantly gave me a great quote, which I accepted without a 2nd thought, late on a sunday too!

    After ordering, late on a sunday evening, Chris got to work straight away.
    Within 2 hours, he was done, which is exceptional considering it had taken the other company 24hours+ to do much less.

    A few things pleasantly suprised me, firstly he actually asked if it was okay to shut down my VPS, which I respected a lot, no other company would really do this.

    Secondly he put in an amazing amount of effort (the other management company had really messed things).
    After work was done, I recieved a full summary of what had been done.

    To sum things up, be careful who you trust on WHT, if you want the job done right, ONLY use SmartServerManagement.
    I even recommended them to my Datacentre after.

    I highly recommend, and you can bet your life I'll be using only them in the future.
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    Gald to see it all went well in the end for you John.

    Kudos to Chris for doing a great job and making you happy

    Note: I think you should be naming the clown who you first went with, I think they have alot of explaining to do regarding afew things and it may just save another person falling into their foot trap!

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    There are a lot of "Clowns" around. No joke about that. They are totally here to take your money and do not know how to get things done.

    I've had the pleasure to meet such people 1 or 2 times before and I'd seriously tell you that they are totally useless. I don't know which 1 was used by you this time but there are quite a few around.

    intelliServe, I think you should tell everyone what the clown did and etc just to give people a head's up.
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    Okay, people, watch out for ASCIIDigital,


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    Quote Originally Posted by intelliServe View Post
    Okay, people, watch out for ASCIIDigital
    Ive been reading some things about them for the last hour or so and yes i,d argee its SHOCKING

    They are far from competent at carrying out the services which they are advertising on here

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    you got the right company with hard working employees so i think you will be glad to fing=d them and am saving this for my future use

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