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    HostAdz - An Advertising Network For Webhosts - Looking For Publishers

    I have been in the web hosting industry since May 2008 a long time in a fast moving industry. In that time I have owned both a paid web hosting provider and a free web hosting provider.
    And in that time I have have had a few problems both as an advertiser and as a publisher.

    The large networks tend to cost a lot for advertisers and are fickle with rule enforcement causing problems for publishers and going direct to publishers can be problematic publishers and advertisers need to search for each other, often having to search deeply through forums to find each other.

    Due to these issues and more I have decided to launch HostAdz, an online advertising service that caters specifically to the needs of the web hosting industry and related services such as webmaster forums, web design and programming tutorial sites, free web hosting services, SEO services and many more.

    Some of the advantages of using HostAdz for publishers are:

    Live Ad Stats
    Trusted Third Party Broker
    Ability To Set Own Ad Prices, Either Flat Rate, CPC or CPM
    Choice of Image, Text Ads, Pop-up, Pop-under, Peel, Pic Text & Splash Ads
    80% Payout Rate
    External Ad Server meaning no load on your hosting.
    Ability To Buy Premium Homepage Listing
    Manage All Your Listings On The HostAdz Network Through One Interface
    Payments By PayPal Monthly
    Ability To Approve Or Reject Ads
    Support By Live Chat & Ticketing

    Some of the advantages of using HostAdz for Advertisers are:

    Live Ad Stats
    Trusted Third Party Broker
    A variety of ad choices.
    A choice of ad types.
    Publishers Are Easy To Find
    Manage All Your Ads On The HostAdz Network Through One Easy Interface
    Pay For Your Ads Using PayPal
    Support By Live Chat & Ticketing

    Free Web Hosting Providers Are Allowed but if ads are to be inserted into client's pages the ad listing must be labelled as such.

    As an introductory offer for May 2011 a special introductory pay rate of 90% is on offer for publishers who are members of Web Hosting Talk. To take advantage of this offer please submit a support ticket with the URL of this post and your forum user name.

    Signup today at:
    Small Space Hosting
    Bringing you the best of Aussie Service and US based Servers. Now Accepting Payments in USD & AUD
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    sound interesting

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