We have a new Xen VPS server on line and need new accounts on it so we're willing to cut some deals.
Take an additional 30% Discount off the already reasonable price of the VPS.
If you sign up for one year you get an additional 10% which equals an amazing 40% off what are already reasonable prices.

Take 30% off your first SIX VPS payments - use code xen30off

That's either 6 months at 30% off or 6 Years (if you buy annually)

Xen Server specifications:
CPU:2 EACH Quad-core,Intel Xeon 5506 (that's 8 processors)
RAM: 16 GB
Hard Drives: 4 x 500GB in Hardware RAID-10
NEVER OVER SOLD Memory is always held in reserve on OverVolt VPS servers. We never to go to the limit!

We also have OpenVZ VPS accounts but these are not on sale.

Our REGULAR Xen VPS and REGULAR PRICES. Deduct at least 30% from these prices. 40% OFF if you buy for a year.

See our VPS web page here.
Memory: 512 Mb Dedicated
Burstable: YES
Raid 10 Storage: 40 GB Dedicated
Bandwidth: 300 GB
Price: $45 (regular price) $31.50 SALE PRICE

Memory: 768 Mb Dedicated
Burstable: YES
Raid 10 Storage: 60 GB Dedicated
Bandwidth: 600 GB
Price: $60 (regular price) $42 SALE PRICE

Memory: 1024 Dedicated
Burstable: YES
Raid 10 Storage: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 900 Dedicated
Price: $75 (regular price) $52.50 SALE PRICE

Memory: 1536 Dedicated
Burstable: YES
Raid 10 Storage: 120 Dedicated
Bandwidth: 1200
Price: $95 (regular price) $66.50 SALE PRICE

All our VPS nodes use SolusVM control software. You'll love it!

Include our: "Hosting Reseller Package" $25/mo. - Includes everything you need to sell web hosting
SSL Certificate
Enduser Support
eNom Reseller account ($995 value) sell TLDs for $9.95 and all other eNom products.
Helpdesk sign in page for your site. We use Vision Helpdesk. Example of of sign in page.
Fully managed service. Fully really means Fully Managed too.
24-7-365 Help Desk support
M-F Phone Support
Custom Nameservers
3 private IP addresses
Site monitoring
Root Access

To see our VPS with the "Hosting Reseller Package" already included GO HERE

You won't outgrow OverVolt LLC either. We lease and sell dedicated servers too including a line of Clearance servers. You can attach our "Hosting Reseller Package" to a dedicated server as well for the larger hosting seller companies.

OverVolt LLC and our sister company (GlitterHost) have been in the hosting business since 2006. We pride ourself on Fast servers and Friendly support.

Our datacenter and office are located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.
We use a Premier Atlanta datacenter
No single points of failure
Cisco™ Powered Network and Firewall
Dual underground feeds into dual transformers
Generators, 24hr capacity, refueling contracts
Instantly available, continuous power
24/7 Network Operation Control Center (NOCC)
24/7/365 Network Monitoring Systems
100% Uptime Guarantee
Smart routing to ensure best packet delivery

OverVolt LLC has high standards that we demand for our clients. A client in a sub par datacenter without a fast and secure connection to multiple main providers will never be happy because their servers won't preform to the best of their capacity. Slow page loads cause lost clients. If you depend on your website for your living then OverVolt LLC is for you. Your VPS will be hosted on modern high capacity equipment connected to a high speed 100 Mbps connections that include no single point of failure. We use routing equipment that checks your clients connection continually and adjusts for the fastest route to your server.

Come to OverVolt and you'll be our client for life.

Questions? Call me (Russell) founder of both OverVolt LLC and GlitterHost.com
My office phone is 678-995-8786 M-F 11 AM to 10 PM EST and it will be my voice you will hear when the phone is answered. Can you get that at your current host?

Thank you for considering OverVolt LLC