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    GoDaddy Auction - Seller wants to pull out (cancel) /playing tricks, help me.


    Can someone give some advise or share experience regarding this issue I have ?

    I am a foreginer and I saw a domain name that I liked in Godaddy Auction, and it has a BuyNow option.
    I called up GoDaddy and they said it is possible to do a buynow without going through the whole auction process and the stated price.
    This is also reinforced in the GoDaddy Auction membership agreement that this should be a binding sale.

    Now since its over the 999usd, I have to use to transfer the funds. I did transfered the funds and was verified by
    The problem now is then Seller needs to make a transfer. I have contacted the Seller and he seemed reluctant and mystified by this. I totally dont believe this, I think he wants to pull out. Atleast his email in the whois matches the email in, this leads me to believe he is using the same account for the Auction.
    Noticing that the domain might be more valuable than was stated, he comes up with some mystified languages. I pretty sure he wants to pull out.

    I called up, they said this seller information was pushed in by GoDaddy. They anyway reemailed to the seller to make the transfer after I have given the details. Seller still gives some mystical email, completely playing games. recommends I contact says that if he doesnt want to transfer, then email and contact [email protected] I did just that and with all the information.

    1. the membership agreement clearly states Seller MUST complete the transaction, and make the transfer.

    2. has bad option for Buyer. If the Seller pulls out or cancel, Buyer has to cover the cost, which is quite unfair - Buyer is not the one who pulled out. Thats not small money anyway.

    3. What can I do if I dont get the domain ? My goal is to acquire it, not to have this stupid guy back out.
    If all GoDaddy does it to suspend his account, what can I do ? Can I sue ?
    How can I sue if I am not in US ? He is in US. Godaddy is in US.
    And what can I sue ? Please give me options and recommend me a lawyer ?

    Thanks a zillion.

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    Recommend either John Berryhill ( or Ari Goldberger ( Neither are cheap, and they are busy because they're good.

    My advice would be to get over it and notch it up to experience. It will cost you a lot to sue them to release the domain to you.

    Realize that if you pay more than $1000 for a domain at GoDaddy, you better be sure the seller is willing to sell at the agreed price, before you proceed, by emailing them first. You could always have offered under $1000, to see how they respond first. I've seen a few reports like this on other forums.

    Your best bet is to keep on top of GoDaddy, if you really want the domain.
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    However, I dont want to get over it yet and it would be good to know how should this be handled. Just think of it, so many others can be caught up by this and lose their money, time and most of all their business opportunity from this.

    - firstly, his domain is registered in godaddy. And the auction is listed in godaddy. Emails are the same. Is it ever possible that it can be different person ? I know that its possible for a outside domain registrant to list on the auction. However, in this case, they are both listed in godaddy. To me for a technical problem to happen would be quite remote (impossible) in this case. Can anyone let me know how possible is this ?

    - can godaddy force the Seller to transfer the domain ? Its quite clear in the agreement that Seller must transfer:
    "As a Seller, you are obligated to complete the transaction if Buyer commits to purchase the domain name through a fixed price, Buy Now format or if Buyer meets or exceeds the minimum bid or reserve price. "

    - Please let me know what should I expect from the current situation ? Would be good to run through the scenario.


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    What are the penalties/recourse if the seller doesn't sell?
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    I suppose if you have doubts about seller or the process of selling domain name to you - better avoid such kind of deals.
    If something goes wrong you may lose more money.

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    Pulling out is not the best way of handling it right now. Since I have made a commitment.

    The concern now is whether GoDaddy provide guarantees on the sale. Its clear that the sale is binding, no doubt about it in the agreement. But what is not clear is what guarantees GoDaddy provides to ensure the success of the transaction to complete.

    GoDaddy should be clear on this. If someone can walk away even if the domain is in GoDaddy, that is just bad for the whole process and to me it should be possible to claim damages for this.

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    Geez man tough situation. Sorry to hear about that. I definitely don't think you should "notch it up to experience" just yet. Keep us updated with the progress.

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    So what are GoDaddy saying about this?
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    finally got it! idiot gave in. but seriously still, there are holes. i'll update more once complete.

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    It is possible that the guy bought it from someone else who had previously listed it at godaddy for sale.

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    Isn't it better to assume he gave in because there were no holes? [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    Why don't you just search for another domain name ?

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