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    Arrow looking for a good web/flash video player

    anyone know of a good video player i can use for my site? it's a commercial site and i post videos all the time

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    Flowplayer works very well. It's also free, or you can choose to purchase it if you wish to add branding and get support.
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    JW Flash Video Player... I've personally never used it in my websites, but I've seen it in many websites and it works well, pretty simple.
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    ADOBE will be the best plugin for any type of browser and most people have this plugin installed in there browser so your video can be easily played in any computer and browser.

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    You can create one for yourself, it is simple like drag & drop from components window in Adobe Flash, and you can select a skin from component inspector. You can go through this for creating playlist
    adobe. com / devnet / flash / articles / video_playlist . html

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    I like flowplayer best. Check out the Demos at It seems to be stable and gives a professional look. It also works well in both IE and Firefox.

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    The top 2 posts came to the top of my mind.

    Flow Player and JW Flash Player. Feel free to send me a message if you are looking for systems more like YouTube.

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    There are lots of players like Adobe Flash, Flow player, JW Flash Player, etc etc choice one which is comfortable with you ...

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