Name of site?: Stratics
Link to site?:
Genre?: MMO Gaming
CMS Software?: WordPress
Seeking?: Managing Editors
Paid Position?: Yes. Managing Editors receive 33% of profit generated by their portal.
Why are you requesting staff?: We are in the process of revitalizing our 13-year-old network. To this end, we are looking for competent, motivated, experienced people to fill Managing Editor positions within our network.


Managing Editors are responsible for whole-of-portal development. They set the pace for content creation and community development, market their portals, mediate staff and user disputes, and generally ensure that their respective portals grow and thrive. If staff members fail to meet established objectives, Managing Editors step in to ensure that portal-wide goals are met. They are not politicians issuing orders from the safety of their offices; they are generals who are leading the charge. Doubtless, this is a challenging role, but the inherent difficulty explains why Managing Editors are the only compensated staff members. With incentives come expectations.


Managing Editors are currently the only paid staff members at TGN Stratics. As a result, this role will require a high degree of self-motivation, initiative, organization, and innovation. Compensation is primarily based upon page views, so the more users that you draw to your portal, the more compensation you will receive.

Managing Editor Incentives

The baseline incentives for Managing Editors are as follows:
  • 33% of portal-generated income.
  • Special profile, including biography, linked on every portal page to develop a social following.

Portal Incentives

Additional incentives will be offered to top-performing portals. These include:
  • Marketing benefits to top-performing portals.
  • Most popular portal each month receives featured story on Stratics Central, special announcements in Facebook and Twitter, and prime position in the monthly newsletter.

Network Incentives

Aside from the direct incentives mentioned above, there are also indirect advantages to portal management within the Stratics Network. First, it is possible for you, the Managing Editor, to profit without the financial risks associated with creating your own website. Second, Managing Editors are not responsible for the costs of server and domain rental, site maintenance, or advertising. Third, TGN Stratics is responsible for addressing technical challenges, site security, installing software, and handling all of the backend responsibilities, which allows Managing Editors to fully focus on content creation and community development.

Other Potential Incentives

Finally, free-to-play games occasionally provide in-game items and other in-game benefits. This is not a guaranteed incentive, but it is a possibility.

As a Managing Editor, you will be fully responsible for developing, staffing, and managing a portal for a gaming title of your choosing. Stratics has a history of working closely with gaming developers, so the ability to network is also encouraged. Managing Editors are senior staff members with "Administrator" badges. As such, this position requires irreproachable fairness, professionalism, and responsibility. Stratics has over 100 active staff members, only six of which are MEs. Ideal candidates should have a passion for gaming, possess excellent writing and communication skills, have advanced knowledge of the gaming industry, and be dedicated to making Stratics the best gaming destination on the Internet.

A more comprehensive assessment of a Managing Editor's expectations are available upon request.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Extensive knowledge of online games
  • Excellent verbal and social skills
  • Experience with basic HTML & CSS
  • Experience with WordPress, editing programs, Youtube a plus

Current Needs

We have Managing Editor vacancies at the following portals and are especially interested in staffing the portals in bold:

If you think you would be interested in this position, please email me: [email protected].

Best of luck!

Director of Content
TGN Stratics