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    8 year review:

    I normally do these every year about this time; a month after my anniversary.

    8 years and kicking with one hosting company, on a shared Windows server. lol

    When I first started building sites, I never thought I'd be here... with one company. I think my first site was on Angelfire (this was back in the 90s). After quickly blowing them away (actually learning code), I bounced around a bunch of hosting providers.

    Nothing new to report this year... FH did buy Steadfast... some of the steadfast people were plain aggravating in the forums during the migration... things seem to have smoothed out now.

    I've not had much downtime... I think I had a couple of hours last year sometime. Enough that they offered to refund part of my hosting. I told them to keep the money and improve whatever happened. Heck, it was pennies anyway; maybe an hour or two down. lol

    Support is great.. I don't use it that much, but it is there. Last time I used it, I had some questions on email... the email was answered within a couple of hours (I manually put low priority on it).

    Considering they were the first -- and only -- host to completely submerse their servers in salt water to combat cooling, we are never down.

    Okay, that was a bad joke... I'm done.
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    Nice review and good to see some loyalty to your host... I guess it goes to show if your happy stick with it.

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    Good to see someone is happy with their host.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manjusha4serveradmin View Post
    Good to see someone is happy with their host.
    I think a lot of people are happy with their host.

    The only reason I come back here to post is because I made a promise to someone on here that I would come back every year and post... lol

    WHT helped me find this host! I needed a reliable windows host at the time... when most hosts (reliable anyway) were focused on *nix.

    I could find something to complain about... I'd like to see some specials for their new plans for current customers. lol...

    Fact is, I don't really need the new plan... heck, I don't use this 8-year-old plan I have to its full potential.

    Dave (owner), Jon and crew treat me well... matter of fact, I don't even think of my sites (I do have a site monitor on my sites to let me know when they are down... lol).

    Things just run, and that is all I need.
    Windows 10 to Linux and Mac OSX: I'm PARSECs better than you. Eat my dust!!!

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    8 years is impressive.
    Hosting is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Nice review
    I haven't heard any good Windows Shared Hosting reviews recently - well, mostly only Unix/Linux hosting reviews
    We'll be waiting for your 9th year review with FluidHosting
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    lol 8 years! wow thats a long time, nonetheless, I bet they appreciate the honest review

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