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    Can't access server after graceful reboot (cpanel)


    i rebooted my server yesterday because the package in the whm reseller ( was not showing up. so i try rebooting the server and every since. i can't access the server with ssh, ftp, url, nothing, and when i try to ping it. it timed out.
    could someone give me a hand it would really be appreciated?


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    Did you try to check with your service provider? If you have IPMI/KVM access, you can get into your box via it and see what is happening at the console.
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    i just contact them and waiting for them to reply, but they don't offer ipmi/kvm access.

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    Sounds like something got hung up that's preventing it from booting. The only thing you can do is wait for your provider to check the console and go from there. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. Do you recall any other changes you might have made prior to rebooting? (Anything to do with the kernel or networking options?)
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    no, before rebooting, i had just installed whm reseeller ( it

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    I had some similar problems of this sort in the past, but they were caused by:
    2.iptables going crazy and needing a flush
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    There's quite a few causes. But since you can't even ping your server, then you should just get in touch with your provider to check it out for you. By the way, it is usually something causing it to hang or etc. Or maybe something that needs intervention.

    They should be able to get it resolved within minutes.
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    thanks for all you guys help,
    i fix the issue, the csf was not configured right & not letting access the server

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    It is nice to hear that the issue is resolved. But I would like to say that it is not advisable to reboot your server for such simple issues. As deasoft is a 3rd party software, if you find any issues with the software you can simply open a ticket to them.

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