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    Exclamation Help! With finding "lost" domains??

    Is there anyway to do a search to find out what all domains a "person" or "entity" owns? The domains are spread out over several domain registrars. >>>>???????????<<<<

    Asking because a previous service I used to buy domains through has apparently lost some of the domains that I own, by that I mean, some of the domains that I own are now missing from the aggregated domain list. The particular company says they don't know what happened or where the domains went to or why they aren't on the list anymore - they are not being much help.

    I have run a whois search on a few of them and I am still listed as the owner. I am intending on doing a bulk transfer of the domains and consolidating the to my enom account. I just need to make sure that I can find all of the domains that I own.

    Any Ideas?

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    4,722 provide such information (paid), so see what you can get from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinayak_Sharma View Post provide such information (paid), so see what you can get from there.
    That is correct. However I suppose some information remains hidden there such as a number of domain names.

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    In addition to above you can also enquire with ICANN they may give you healthy support.

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