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    [Question] Connect 2 server with 2 NIC each


    I have two servers, server A and server B.
    Both public with port 100Mbps (named NIC A1 and NIC B1)

    Now server A's overload because of too many users, so I want to move the database (sql server) to server B.

    So can I do this?
    - Add 1Gbps NIC to server A and server B, named NIC A2, and NIC B2.
    - Both servers public to server web, files... normally via NIC A1 and NIC B1.
    - Connect locally server A with server B via NIC A2 and B2. So my Sql Server will work, transfer data via those NIC (1Gbps).

    Is it okay? Thanks for helping!

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    yes, it is possible.

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    Just IP the internal interface with a private IP range and ensure you set the SQL connection process to find the other server on the private IP address.
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