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    Exclamation vBulletin Forum loads EXTREMELY slow!

    I'm new to the forums... so I don't have any idea on where to post this.
    I've searched solutions about my problem, and most of the answers I saw was from this site... so I'll just ask here.
    Just to let you know, I'm a newbie at both server and forum related. I'm probably lower than a newbie.
    Here's the situation:
    I'm running vb3.8.5
    I don't have any idea whether it's server related or vB related.
    I started experiencing accessing issues.
    When I'm going to my forum... it takes a lot of time before it loads...
    Worst case was... it won't even show up coz it loads too slow.
    Is this server related? Because I tried to use an IPhider...
    seems like my forum was loading fast compared to when I use my own IP.
    Probably worked because the IPhider is from another country.
    Also... whenever my forum loads slow.... I check my main wordpress site and cpanel...
    it seems to load like the normal rate... but how come the forum doesn't load as usual?
    I've asked a couple of my members... they said it seems to load fine. They're from other countries though.
    What exactly is my problem?
    Does anyone know any solution to this problem?
    Please help me, replies are always appreciated!
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    So in summary:
    • The vB forum is slow to load, for you only.
    • The vB forum loads fast for others, and for you when you visit via a web proxy.
    • Other sites (Wordpress) and the control panel load ok for you.

    That seems to suggest some issue with the forum itself. Are you logged in as admin when it's slow? Any plugins or other non-standard stuff installed? Have you tried logging out and checking your speed again?

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