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    confused about DNS

    OK, so I purcahes a VPS for the first time asnd I have my Domain at GoDaddy,
    and the hosting at HostGator.

    I have two private nameservers:

    I registered these two nameservers in GoDaddy Panel.
    and also added the nameservers to the domain.

    from what I understand both registering the nameservers
    and changing the domain's nameservers need to be propagated so it takes time.

    but it's a bit unclear to me how the DNS works
    I have two options in mind:

    One is that when my browser sends a request to my DNS Server, the
    DNS returns the private nameserver's name and than I request
    seperatly the IP for the private nameserver?
    then I get the IP for the hosting server from the private nameserver?
    In this case my two private nameservers are only in charge of
    one domain (I have only one website on the VPS),
    and in this case all requests for the website will go through the
    private nameserver so any changes in the private nameserver
    records will be immediate.

    the second option is that my DNS Server requests the IP of
    the hosting server from the private nameserver and caches it
    and in that case it takes until the cache expires until
    the website will be available after I change records of the private

    right now my website is not showing and I'm not sure why,
    the question is if there's a way to see where the problem is,
    if the nameservers aren't registered yet, or their IPs are wrong,
    or the domain's nameservers havent changed?

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    Check your site with something like should show you the problem.

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    Check whether the nameserver registration is successful, by doing a whois

    whois or use (use nameserver option). If it is returning the IP, now check whether the IP returns the A record of the domain, by digging or nslookup. If it works fine there, be confident that it is nameserver propagation delay.

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    Normally I would just go into GoDaddy account, domain manager, unlock domain name and change the DNS the the new name servers.

    The thing to do would be to call GoDaddy and ask tech support there. They are pretty good and will help you resolve the issue much quicker than waiting for answers here.
    Hostgators support is also A1 "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Did you assign the ip addresses to the nameservers when you setup the private nameservers at godaddy?

    Using private nameservers isn't the same and using a nameserver. You have to set the ip and tell it what the nameserver name is. Once that is set then you can set your nameserver for the domain as well.

    In the case you didn't you just need to go to your godaddy account, select your domain and scroll down to "host summary". If nothing is there then it isn't setup for private nameservers. At this point you just need to click "add" and enter the host name such as ns1 then host ip 1 would be the first ip assigned to your nameserver. Save and then add the second one.

    If the host records are already set then you may need to call godaddy for help.

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