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    My domain give godaddy suspend !!

    My domain give godaddy suspend !!

    so sad

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    what is the cause ?
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    I don't understand, was your name suspended by Godaddy? If so, did you call them to find out the reason why?

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    I literally didn't get it at first. Anyway, have you asked Godaddy about the problem? It was my first time to encounter a problem of having a domain suspended. Maybe you break some of their rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris1914 View Post
    My domain give godaddy suspend !!

    so sad

    I think on whole NET only godaddy suspend domains.

    Do you know how their registered domain acquire system works?
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    It would be interesting to know why GoDaddy suspended his domain to see whether it's justified or not.

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    I think because you didnt pay? what's your domain btw?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris1914 View Post
    My domain give godaddy suspend !!

    so sad
    If your domain is suspended by Godaddy then you should contact to them for knowing actual reason. Websites and blogs suspend by web host due to several reasons such as using more CPU usages, bandwidth etc.

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    Only your current domain name registrar will be able to let you know about that. So submit ticket.
    Are you sure your domain name has not expired yet?

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    Domain was probably suspended for sending out spam about cheap knockoffs made in China.

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    I would suggest you read all the terms of godaddy. You must broken any rules or terms. Godaddy is a reputed company nd cannot suspend without any valid reason.

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    What's your domain? I can check it out for you.
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    I think you did't pay your domains ,or you did sth illegal.

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