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    Established HK Dedicated Server provider looking for investors

    Hello all,
    We are an established server providers (~5 years old) in Hong Kong, with turnover of HKD$1M++/year (~USD$125k/year) and more than 100 servers. We have our own IP assignment from APNIC and running BGP. Now, because of limiting datacenter racks in Hong Kong and popular demands from China, we are looking for investors or partnership for building 2nd very simple datacenter (or server room) for own use.

    Hong Kong is the only cities in China that is outside of their great firewall and with good Internet connectivity to China. Now, China has very tight control on Internet. They closed websites, online-games and etc.. as will. Also, setting up a simple website requires an ICP license and must be displayed in every pages of your site. Only Chinese citizens or company can apply license (but no guarantee you can get it and they can shut down the site if they suddenly don't like it). That's why even Google moved to Hong Kong).
    Currently, most HK DC space are sold out and price are outrageous. A cheap one can cost USD$1k/month and top quality one can cost USD$2k+/month. So, we need funds to build a small DC, so we can expand as needed while keeping our costs lower than most of our HK competitors.

    Investment amount: HKD$1M to HKD$2M (in exchange for up to 40% of the company, negotiable)

    Experience (optional):
    Knowledge related to datacenter set up and run

    Why partner with us:
    1.We have good connection in China. We already have lots of customers from China and a few China resellers.
    2.We can accept CNY from customers/ resellers and convert to HKD to our HK bank account.
    3.We know how to communicate in Chinese and English.
    4.We are based in Hong Kong.

    If interested, please pm me for MSN, ICQ, YIM, AIM contact. If you have existing web hosting related business, please include URL in your pm.

    Some price for references:
    Rack: ~USD$1k/month
    Industrial Unit: ~USD$1/sq. feet
    Power: ~USD$0.12/KWH
    Bandwidth: ~USD$40 to USD$100 per mbps (Depends on quality)
    Local loop: ~USD$1500/month
    Wages: $2,000/month (me)
    $1,000/month (average wages for a normal guy. Currently no staff other than me)

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    The image is cut from WHMCS. The signup rate and current income.

    *Signup increased since last Dec, 2010 because we moved to our 1st DC on that month.

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    FYI, there is one big reseller that is paying ~CNY$66,000/month not included in WHMCS system. (i.e. not shown in above image)

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