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    Need help selecting a dedicated server

    I have just installed social engine script ( that needs a dedicated server to run it smoothly ...

    A friend uses this package:

    •Intel® Xeon® X3440 Quadcore 64 Bit, 4x 2.53 GHz
    •16 GB DDR3-RAM
    •2x 1,500 GB SATA II-HDD
    •OS: openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows Webserver 2008 (+ € 10/mon.)
    •Plesk 9.x – 10 Domains
    •Unlimited traffic

    This plan is for $98/month from

    Any advice ?

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    That package for $98 is quite a good deal actually. Are you actually talking about € or $??? One side say EURO, the other side says USD. I know that if you're really talking about USD, then don't hesitate anymore, just grab it coz you won't find servers like that for that price. It's CHEAP!
    Aaron Ong
    Dedicated Servers - 100TB Servers - 100Mbps Unmetered Servers - Web Hosting - CDN Network
    Servers in Central, East/West Coast USA, EUROPE and ASIA
    Welltodo Century

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