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    How to Register Software without showing Server Location

    Okay, so I've never posted on this sight before, mainly because I am not a technical person with respect to IT/Telecomm/Networking, but ya'll seem quite capable, and if a thread does exist, please post the link.

    I provide a scenario, and anyone that can propose a feasible/implementable solution will not only be my hero, but, if they are interested, also provide similar services in the future for compensation.

    Scenario (Not actual):

    Server Location: Brazil
    Product Registration Location: America, or anywhere for that matter

    Suppose you are running a sever in Brazil, providing VOIP services. You've got a series of routers, switches etc...You want to install Nimsoft (network monitoring software), Oracle, SAP etc... on this server, without registering the product in Brazil.

    Since these softwares communicate with their originators (data transfers back and forth), and you want maintenance and service support, how would you go about undertaking such a project? Basically, you want to appear like your physical location is region A (where the product is registered), while it is actually in region B.

    I'm not looking to break any channeling or distribution laws, but this know how has practical use and I am just hoping to get an idea of the difficulty and cost associated with such an undertaking.

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    You could apply for IPs with a USA address?

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