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    Dedicated configuration to host torrent

    Hi guys,

    A client of mine will launch his album online. His a popular national artist and based on past downloads, we've estimated about 100.000 downloads in the first 2 months. Now, the album will come in 2 forms, one normal quality that is about 200 Mb in size, and one high quality that is about 700 Mb in size. Bandwidth won't be a problem, but the fact that I've never hosted a torrent before puts me in a difficult position when I'm thinking about a server configuration. The procentage of downloads will be 70% for 200 Mb version and 30% for the 700 Mb version.
    Also, do you think I will need to consider high availability considering the high number of downloads even though it will be a torrent?
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    How many concurrent visitors you expect?

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    Well considering it's p2p, I wouldn't worry too much about high availability: there's always going to be some active seeder out of those 100,000 people.
    A decent Gbit server with 10 TB traffic should be enough in my opinion. Once the album is initially spread, the swarm will do the rest.

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    Comedy option: If you plan on giving it out for free and have all rights, you could maybe ask TPB to frontpage it and do seeding for distribution?

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    It's a little bit hard to guess concurrent connexions for a torrent. My guess considering the estimated number of downloaders is 100.000/60(days)/24(hours)= ~70 downloaders/hour, but again, that's not accurate because of p2p.

    That's exactly what I'm thinking, but my main concern the server's hardware. I'm worried one server won't hold in the firs 1-2 weeks after the launch. That's why I would like to know if someone had experience with some similar torrent situation and can tell me a little bit about the hardware.

    Actually, they(the band) are planning on giving it away for free, but the process is a little bit more complicated and involves some statistics(which they can only obtain through a private torrent download, in some reasonable margin because eventually the material will make it's way on a public torrent), a little bit of anti piratery measures(although it's free) and a little bit of crowd count so I can't just put it on TPB .

    So, I can estimate my bandwidht consumption, I kinda know what line I need(definitely a 1GBit line for the first 2-3 months), but I'm still in the dark when it comes to the hardware(CPU, RAM).
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    I think a good dual core + 4GB ram will be enough.
    A quad core + 8gb ram if you really want be on the safe side, but it seems way overkill to me.
    Keep in mind that out of those 70 peers/hours, you will be directly seeding to 10-20 of them at the same time. Each of them will re-distribute to the other 50.
    Out of curiosity, which tracker will you put the torrent on? (PM if you don't want to share it in public).

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    Thank you for the advice. Regarding the tracker, I'm not really sure yet because I haven't had the time to start this project(it will launch in about 2 months so for now I'm just gathering some info). If you have any suggestions for a Linux based tracker I would be grateful .
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    Oh I didn't realize you wanted to host your own tracker too. In that case, I'm not sure about hardware requirements anymore, since the server would have to handle a lot more requests than a simple torrent client.

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