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    Thumbs up Mydedis (OVH) > 1 month review

    Hi, after my first post on dedicated server, now i'm thinking about posting this one too.

    well, i'm with around 1-2 month. yes i know they're reselling OVH's server but i'm not living in europe, and mydedis helping me for this situation. (and also they give me with no setup fee, nice offer)
    so far so good, support ticket is fast, not fastest. at least they're still answering my ticket not like OVH's did. :p i've got some problem with OVH ip ripe block, and they (OVH) told me they didn't support virtualizor. mydedis spent too much time just for answering my question (why, what, where, etc).

    well, i will update my review here. until now, i'm happy with them.
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