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    Ecommerce Hosting

    HI guys...

    I have one confusion. What is Ecommerce Hosting?

    IS it different from other hosting? If no, then why to use Ecommerce Hosting specifically?
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    Ecommerce Hosting is a name of hosting plan just like business hosting, corporate hosting. Most of the web hosts named their hosting plans as Ecommerce Hosting plan that includes more space, bandwidth, ram etc. Actually these are required to run a Ecommerce sites and due to this hosting requirements to run a Ecommerce site called Ecommerce Hosting plan.
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    That is no different , mostly hosting able for you to host a email account, a blog , a website or a commerce site. Why they call it as ecommerce hosting is because the hosting is design specific to ecommerce user which may include all the software and plug in like shopping cart, ecommerce site builder, e-commerce site template, payment gateway and so on which is ready inside for you. It already customize down so it call as e-commerce hosting.
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    ecommerce hosting accounts are geared towards business use only, whereas every other kind of web hosting can be used for virtually any purpose one could think of.
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    Ecommerce Hosting
    more restricted and secured server (updated and tested on daily/weekly basis, not like just shared hosting), the same hosting account with dedicated IP address and SSL certificate
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