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    * [UK] Quality Xen/OpenVZ/SolusVM Management from dedicated admins

    SmartServerManagement is a small branch of the PCSmart Group, a UK based business trading since 2006. We provide Linux server management services to clients around the world, and specialise in supporting Virtualization with OpenVZ, Xen and optionally SolusVM.

    We charge a typical rate of 25.00/Hour, for regular or recurring customers discounts may be offered.

    We offer New Server Setups, Server Migrations, Troubleshooting and Audits or "Health Checks" of existing systems.

    Why use a management company to setup your servers at all?

    • You want to focus on your business, not setting up servers and dealing with any potential problems
    • Get a stable Xen build typically much newer than included with your OS.
    • Get virtualization platform specific optimizations.
    • Get your server checked with a fine-tooth comb prior to production use.
    • Let us implement fixes and configurations to avoid problems before you experience them.
    • Get "VIP" prioritized support for any SolusVM issues or compatabilty issues.
    • We have been using Linux for 6 years, HyperVM for 4 years and SolusVM before it was released to the public.


    Contact Us / Our Services

    To view our SolusVM services please see:

    Alternativley please email [email protected] and we will create a quote for you.

    Many Thanks
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