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    Reliable web hosting reviews recommended by

    In the site home page there is a link with text:
    "10 Best Web Hosting Reviews"

    When we click on it - it takes us to:

    In this reviews Bluehost is rated #1

    Now what I want to know is that since phpbb is a very trustworthy open source site and it's recommending reviews on -- this review must be correct and reliable one.

    I need opinion about this upperhost reviews.


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    Hello ,

    I think is advertising the webhosting companies and in turn earning money and getting back links . What do you think about it .

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    Yes it looks like what you said. I'm on a phpbb tutorial page on and in the bottom I'm seeing's ad. And in the review too it's #1.
    It must be sponsored review then.

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    Yes, they are just sponsored listings/reviews. Pretty much any provider offering Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP can run phpBB.
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    Those links are for providers that pay phpBB. I really wouldn't take them as reliable or trustworthy. Not to say the hosts are bad, but they aren't good simple based on having a link from phpBB.

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    Almost all review sites are fake. They are only promoting the hosts and earning from it. It's like an affiliate marketing.

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    You pay the money to advertise, then you get the nice spots. Doesn't mean they are the best or even that sites choice, its just who is handing over the money to them. If you are looking for a host for phpBB, just check around and check the reviews on the boards as they will give you better details then a banner spot.

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    Almost all review sites are fake. They are only promoting the hosts and earning from it. It's like an affiliate marketing.
    Most pretty much are, or at least 98% of them.

    The only reason why the bigger companies are on the forefront to this is becasue of their "Affiliate Marketing" big payouts for simple referrals, the more referrals one can send the more of a payout they can receive.

    It is like Hostgator's system really, ($125x21 = $2,625) you could earn big.

    If you chucked a bunch of small fries into the deep-fryer you really aren't going to get the same competative edge.
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