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    Need: Xen HVM Providers

    Instead of reply to last nights topic I just made a new one.

    I need a Xen HVM with 1GB Ram, ~10GB space, bandwidth doesn't matter, US location, price doesn't matter.

    Just need suggestions of providers people have used before.


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    price doesn't matter, bandwidth doesn't matter = (but it seems they're having problem with one of they node right now)

    curlhost is good too, just a slow approval for manual fraud check.

    check on

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    I need Xen HVM Providers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rootserver View Post
    I need Xen HVM Providers!
    try to check on vps hosting offers first, your budget, location, managed/unmanaged etc

    or try to check on
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    Are you stuck on HVM or would KVM suite your needs as well, something you may have overlooked that will probably meet/exceed your needs. - High Resource Hosting
    WHM/cPanel Servers for Hosting and Dedicated Needs
    SolusVM VPS Hosting - Big Features, Small Prices
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