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    How to increase image ?

    How to increase the size of an image in Photoshop without losing its quality. Please share your views...

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    You may not get 100% perfection, but a simple googling of "increase the size of an image in Photoshop without losing its quality" should give you some good tips to do in on CS3+.

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    If you increase the size of a image in photoshop then its quality will be loose little bit. Getting 100% perfection in new big size image is very difficult but here is "Irfan view" image editor it may help you to get good quality image while increasing its size.

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    scale it. don't lnow how to do it in photoshop though but by using GIMP. i think there is no difference. just look for the scale option under image tab.

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    It is difficult to maintain quality after increase the size of an image if your image got good resolution then its poisable other wise pixel will break and you will be dispointed.

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    Hmm.... make sure the resolution is enough to be larger
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    I don't scale images if I need it to be larger. You always lose quality if you do that. Scaling down is ok, but once you've shrunk it, don't increase the size again, it'll look bad.

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    If it is critical that the image have good quality you may want to consider hiring a professional graphics expert on odesk or someplace similar. A true pro can do amazing things with photoshop and it will cost you less than a couple bucks.

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