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    The Information Assurance Mission at NSA says:

    Windows 7 = Yes! Yes!
    Windows Vista = Yes! Yes!
    64 bit versions of above = Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Windows XP = Oh Nooo.

    Mac OS X = maybe,IF...

    LINUX = *chirp* *chirp*

    Translation: The NSA REALLY wants you running New Microsoft Products where they have control and can monitor you.
    The NSA has no desire for you to consider Linux.


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    Nice findings

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    although it's questionable why the NSA felt the need to put this out in the first place, all the advice in there is pretty generalized in the first place, and I don't think anyone would really find fault with the particular advice there if you read it anyway. Since when does someone spying on you recommend that you use full disk ecryption, ssl to access websites, and WPA2 for your wireless network? You might be able to make a case that the NSA can snoop on these protocols, *maybe*, but even so, why would they want to make their job any harder by recommending that you take reasonable steps to protect yourself, when they could just let you continue using everything unecrypted?

    Someone needs to take off the tin foil hat.
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    Why do you think NSA can control you if you are using Windows 7?

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    They have become VERY INTRUSIVE!!

    I dont trust ANYTHING NEW FROM THEM..... (It started going downhill with Win2000 SP4)

    Heres some stuff to view

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    Well if you do decide to use linux, they also have hardening tips for it, RHEL specifially:

    Tip Sheet (2p):
    Full Document (200p):

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    Nice ... but why is NSA after us....??

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