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    Hosting primary domain on an other virtual machine.


    I am currently having 2 vps i would like to use to perform a special kind of domain setup.

    Currently, i have a domain (let's say hosted as a primary domain on a cPanel/WHM virtual machine.

    I am web designer and i am having customers using this domain to reach their cPanel using SSL. I would like them to continue using this domain to access it (or at leat, be able to use the hostname wich is like :

    Since is my primary domain, in case if this vps crash, i would like to host this domain on the second vps, so they should be able to open a ticket even if the first vm is not working... The control panel i would like to use on this other vm is Kloxo.

    Does someone should provide me with a step by step tutorial on how to do this? I think it should be usefull for other's too : having everything on the same virtual machine is not a very good solution, in case if a crash happen!

    Please note i am having a wildcard SSL corresponding to the domain on the first virtual machine. i will need to install this one on the second virtual machine, so i will be able to use it on both of them. (i knwo that ssl are not attached to the ip, but to the domain, so this should work).

    Here is how i think it should work :

    1) i should create 2 other different dns at my registrar and configure them in Kloxo. i am currently having and pointing to my cpanel/whm vm, so i will create and and point those nameservers to the second vm.

    2) terminate the account of on my first virtual machine and transfer the website to the Kloxo vm.

    3) install the ssl on the second vm

    4) create an A redirect of the new kloxo vm : to redirect this url to my first vm hostname/cpanel

    am i right?

    Thanks in advance for your help! Here, i know i will be able to get an answer for this question
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    This the bible on DNS. It will tell you everything (and more) that you need to know:

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    I visited this site and found useful. Thanks for sharing this type of informative articles.

    Quote Originally Posted by centauricw View Post
    This the bible on DNS. It will tell you everything (and more) that you need to know:

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    useful and nice sharing ..for more articles on it site
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