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    * intelliServe issues

    Don't go with them. They have lost all the data from the VPS and now are refusing to refund and invoking fake high usage

    Here are the profs
    "Dear intelliServe Customer,

    You may have noticed that some of our Moldova servers and also our corporate website,
    Have been offline for the past day.

    The issue first occured at approx 7.25pm, GMT on the 11th May 2011,
    Initially one of our DNS servers malfunctioned, disabling usage of our site and also 3 of our servers.
    After we initiated an emergency reboot, around half of our physical servers failed to start.
    We then began working alongside our datacentre in an attempt to get these servers back online,
    Approximately 3 hours after the initial outage we managed to get the physical servers back online.

    Unfortunately upon inspection we've found that these servers have suffered huge data loss,
    This has also expanded to our backup servers, which are part of the same server cluster.
    Due to this we regret to inform you that any data stored on the servers at that time has suffered loss.
    This will include VPS accounts, Reseller Accounts, and Shared Hosting accounts.

    At intelliServe we understand the implications this loss may cause,
    Although this was out of our control, we wish to amend and compensate for this loss.

    We have now implemented remote R1Soft Backups service-wide, so that this huge loss of data cannot possibly happen again. All intelliServe clients who suffered loss due to this error are now entitled to free upgrades on the package they were previously on.

    If you do wish to return to intelliServe, all you need to do is register and order the package you desire, registering with the email address stored previously, your invoice for this billing month will be marked as paid, we then ask that you submit a ticket to us detailing the upgrade you genuinely need, which we'll add onto your account for free, not including paid licence control panels.

    I must remind you that your individual custom is very highly valued,
    We respect you as a client, which is why we want to make up for this failure on our part.

    As mentioned, systems are now in place to ensure this cannot be repeated."

    And the refund excuses

    5/13/2011 07:07 PDT - Seller: Buyer (Client) is demanding a return of fee for web purchases invoiced 12/05/2011. He/She has already gone over our usage policies, and technically we are within our rights to invoice Him/Her for the remainder of the web usage and services used.Him/Her filing a dispute is dis-honest, as our Terms of Use are made available publically, and she has already refused to pay the documented overage fees.
    5/13/2011 07:02 PDT - Seller: Due to incremental usage on your part, I'm declining a refund.A suitable solution was offered, which you declined.Our Terms of Use state our policies on refunds and usage.Your Memory usage was into the 6.4GB range for HDD, and 2.1GB for Bandwidth, this brings on Band A of our resource usage fee, documented at 5GB HDD or Part There-of = $1.99 USD + 10GB or Part There-of = $4.99 = Giving us right to charge $6.98, however due to the site going down we've decided not to invoice you for this.Upon signing up you agreed to abide by our Terms of Use.
    5/13/2011 06:29 PDT - Buyer: Sorry you lost my data I can't trust you anymore so please refund me
    5/12/2011 19:05 PDT - Seller: Service has been restored, We've emailed you offering to reset the billing date to today, with no further payment needed this month.Also included free upgrade on VPS

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    We've already fully announced our outage, your little review is against the WHT rules.

    Also our usage fee's are on the ToS, on the main site on every package page etc.

    Under our plans the usage fee's is stated, which applies on refunds.
    You turned down the offer of redemption, so keep out of this thread.

    That paypal dispute message was intended for them rather than you, as it's obvious we have a right to claim the overage fee's your blatantly trying to steal.

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    If we're that bad, why are you the only one complaining?
    The rest of our clients have happily accepted the bonuses offered.

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    Why isn't against the WHT tos? More complains are gonna comme, you will see.

    You don't deny that you have lost all the VPS's data and refuse to refund. Show me where it says in your TOS that you are alowed to lose my vps.

    I will take my time and post on every forum where you are posting or even more. The people should know.

    P.S. Also remove that 100% uptime from your site because is a lie, you site was donw for 36 hours, you can't have 100% uptime.

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    We started monitoring after the downtime, since then we've kept 100% uptime and intend to carry that on, it's a monitor for our sake more than yours.

    Post in as many forums as you like, it won't affect our business, if anything you're making the intelliServe brand stand out more, so thank you for the advertising. Just bear in mind Paypal will be issued with the links of these threads, I can guarantee they won't like it.

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    Also "We're Reliable - We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee!"

    You had 36 hours of downtime, you can't have 99.9% uptime for me Also where are on the site your TOS? you had 99.1% uptime

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    Our ToS is located in the WHMCS Header,
    At the bottom of the site when the footer is scrolled over, and also on the order form.

    For your account to have been created you must have ticked these.

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