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    Why the ***spam*** ?

    Hi all

    When i send emails for some reason it adds ***spam*** to the subject line.

    For some reason i cant seem to get rid of it.

    Im running a vps using kloxo

    Could anyone help on this?


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    You should setup SPF records in your DNS.

    And then check your IPs if that is blacklisted anywhere...

    Its best to use google apps free (10 a/c) or,

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    I have gone to and filled in all the info and have the spf record to add to tinydns though what file do i add this to?


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    I have also checked to see if the ip address is blacklisted and all appears fine.

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    Do you have a good(non-generic) PTR on the IP? Also, what mail client are you using? Is it the mail client appending that based on heuristics, or something on the server side? Ok, does it do that when sending it to something like a Yahoo or Gmail account?

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    Mail client im using webmail / horder ( browser ) and yes it puts ***spam*** in all emails i send no matter where they are going.


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    Try to use google apps free editions : or, ...

    You can find some tutorial over google that how can you integrate those after signup in your host's DNS and MX entries. This will reduce junks and help you to do filter. Also your mail will be trusted.

    On the otherhand set SPF records and PTR records for your mail server IP and main domain's IP...

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    It is due to the spamassassin setting. Check your .spamassassin folder of the account for config.
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    Do you have any spam checks enabled for out going emails. Just disable forward spam with ***spam*** in case configured.


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