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    Question Nginx files upload, can I do it without upload module?

    I want to try Nginx (now using lighttpd) but look like Nginx is not easy to install/config like lighttpd...

    Because I have website where users uploading files with web forms I need files upload option on web server, in lighttpd I don`t need to use some other module for files upload but look like in Nginx I need some upload module to do that and also I must configure many variables in that upload module, is this true? Can I upload files without this upload module? Can it be simple like on lighttpd?


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    You can use the upload module but you don't "need" to use it.
    Take a look here,

    as you can see it improves things but you can still upload with php like usual.

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    If you use nginx just as normal webserver (with php etc, not as reverse proxy) you do not need to use the module - it will work straight away, like on any other webserver.

    Be aware that nginx uses its own (much more powerful) rewrite system as other webservers - so you need to recreate your rewrite rules (if you have any).
    Pretty much anything else is easy to config.

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