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    Fix a BIOS problem(Boots in old OS)

    Hey all,

    Im facing a very weird problem.

    When I reinstall via my DC's panel, It automatically boots in the old OS and same happens when i try to install the OS from KVM, It boots into the old OS.

    I need someone to fix it as i see its a BIOS configuration problem and i need someone really experienced. This is 1-2 hours work and im willing to pay 30$ for this and more if you have a nice reputation on WHT.

    You can send me an email at [email protected] or same for MSN, And i need this done before the next 12 hours.


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    What are you trying to boot from a CD or PXE boot? You should be able to access the BIOS via KVM to make the necessary changes...I'm just curious what work needs done here? Have you already changed the boot order in the BIOS?
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    I've not changed anything from BIOS and my DC will take alot of time to get DVD inserted in the server so im doing it with ISO connected in Virtual media and it boots in the Old OS, Same happens when i try with their control panel.

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    Unless you're trying to boot from a different device / drive / method then which OS/Kernel you're booting into isn't going to be specified by the bios. It will be specified by the boot records/boot loader on the primary boot device.
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    Because DC will take time, I have 12 hours only.

    MikeDVB@ Can you do it for me?

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    I sent you an email. It's from [email protected] <dot> com

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