We are offering our MEGA 32 Server. no setup fees! no bill due till 15th day!

specs are as followed

32gb Ram
AMD 8 core CPU
2x2tb hard drive (you can setup how you want)
100mb unmetered bandwidth
$499.00 Month

Give it a shot nothing to loose no contracts to sign!

if you like the server just pay the bill and continue the service!
if not just cancel in the client area no forms to sign no written cancellation request to send in! It's just that easy!

we are a no nonsense dedicated and VPS hosting company that want to give their clients the best they can. we consider our servers unmanaged but have never turned down helping a client out!

if you are tired of the run around you get elsewhere then head over to www.hostd8.com and give us a shot you have nothing to loose!

stock is limited but are building these servers all the time if we are out of stock please send a email to:

[email protected]
message: please put me on "The List"

we will respond with what place you are and with an estimated date of when more servers will be available. also if they come available sooner we will contact you and have you set up ASAP!