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    How to make Win7 halfway decent?

    My trusty Linux box that was about 3 years old died recently. Had a drive failure, restored it, was installing Ubuntu updates and crashed in the middle. Now, but trusty Linux machine won't boot.

    I couldn't afford the time away from a computer, so I just went to BestBuy and purchased a new laptop... Nothing fancy, just a Toshiba w/ 3GB of RAM and Win7.

    And here I am, with Chrome open with my general browsing tabs (WHT, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc) and Firefox open for my work tabs (Monitoring, different WHM tabs, WHMCS, etc), Skype, Foobar (Music, Electric Light Orchestra ), Notepad++ and the Calculator...

    Is there any good reason that my laptop, which actually has better specs than my old Ubuntu machine performs half as good as it did? (prior to the crash, of course)

    I can't believe how horribly buggy and inefficient this is. The only thing I do like about Win7 is the Search within the task bar, because god knows finding anything specific without it is just a pain in the neck.

    So, I do have a dual boot with Ubuntu on here. But I am trying to use Windows more to become accustomed to it (Haven't used it before this for atleast 4-5 years) and trying to get it run less like a piece of crap, and more like a well sharpened tool ready for the job at hand.

    What are some of the things you guys have done to make Windows halfway secure and efficient in use? I'm thinking of rolling back to WinXP SP3 if it'll perform better.
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    the first thing I do is make a trip to msconfig and services.msc.... clean stuff you don't need but be careful of services.msc and dependancies, clearing too many services will possibly hose your OS.

    then disable a lot of the bloatware (programs and features option in control panel) that is included in most laptops/desktops from big box pc makers. they put a lot of bloat trialware like MSoffice 60 day trials and stuff like that. clean your startup and also use CCleaner to clean up registry after uninstalls.

    many times they put a lot of startup system tray items for tons of programs and it makes windows take longer to boot and waste RAM. many of these also have high page fault delta, degrading HDDs or SSDs quicker. learn to watch your P/F delta, enable the column (view>select columns) in your task manager and keep an eye on it.
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    Laptops are often equiped with slow hard drive - 4200 rpm vs 7200 rpm desktop models. Maybe this is the problem?

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    Windows 7 and Ubuntu run at the same speed on my laptop. You must have some junk running in the background that came with the computer. Probably a certain anti-virus program...

    XP is no where near as secure as 7. Install Windows Security Essentials.

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    If the design of the new laptop makes it easy to get to the hard drive consider cloning it to an SSD, then installing the SSD in place of the HD.
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    Ideally you'll want 4Gb RAM for Win7... 3Gb barely cuts the cake. An good SSD will do wonders as well -- nobody should be using spinning disks on laptops these days. I've got my boot time to about 15 seconds (from the beginning of the win7 logo) and everything is nice and quick on a T7100 4GB RAM and SSD.
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    Windows takes up more RAM space and processes then Linux. A 2.5Ghz Quad-Core CPU with 3GB RAM is about the same as a 2GB RAM 2.0Ghz 2 Core CPU in Linux or Apple's OS.

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    I've always had a feeling that Linux GUI (KDE, Gnome) is not as fast as GUI in Window XP. Not that programs would run any slower, just the GUI. Anyone else with the same observation?

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