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    Wholesale Internet 1 YR Review -

    Its now been a little over one year since i had moved my first colo server to wholesale internet in KC, USA. Within about 3 months of great service and great network speed/latency/routes (awesome Hurricane Electic for just about all my traffic) I purchased one of their dedicated servers and moved a 2nd colo box to their facility.

    All of the servers were setup quickly, within hours of payment or fedex delivery of the colo boxes which was great as im always worried about shipping damage, so this allowed me to rest easy.

    In the past year i haven't had any outages and the only incident was a power swap that was preplanned and WholeSale sent all customers a notice several days in advance of the potential 1 hour outage, However there ended up being NO OUTAGE or downtime (power didnt even blink )

    All support tickets (haven't had many) were replied to very quickly i would estimate in less than 30 minutes, day or night.

    I just this week co-located a 3rd server with WholeSale and they really took care of me on the pricing as i had a special request on this paticuar server. Again setup was fast and i even spoke to the tech on the phone late at night as he set it up as there was a special setup procedure i had to relay to him. I easily could have waited till normal business hours, but it was great to have it taken care of at night. again A+ support and service.

    A+ Support
    A+ Uptime
    A+ Pricing/sales
    A+ Network Routes/Speed/Value

    Also all my various temp sensors on the colo servers report very low temps, way lower than i was getting in my very cold office testing before i shipped out.

    I have servers at 4 other USA data centers so i do have points of comparison. I will continue to add new servers at WholeSale internet in the future.

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    Great to read a good review. Glad you are happy there! - Web Hosting YOUR Way!
    Non-Oversold cPanel Hosting, Webmaster Services, Web Design, and Asterisk PBX Management!
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    Good to see Aarons keeping you happy

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    Please suggest me the price of this server..

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    thanks for your honest review. it ma help others to take right decision.

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