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    7 review, the first few days quick review.


    - fast support including migration of my site from other host
    - my sites feel faster probably because of the varnish cache as compared to my previous host


    - There are parts on their site that is giving some internal servers errors though they are quick to fix it

    I am concerned about the CPU 25% usage limitation in their TOS though I have not yet reach the limit as my site is still not that popular.

    I'll try to do another review after a couple of months.

    site is

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    Nice to see this is working for you but follow up in about thirty days and let us know how it's going. Hosting Solutions Since 2004
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    Hey there,

    Glad to see you're happy with our services! The CPU limit is just a 'soft limit', so to speak. We understand as your site grows that hitting this limit may happen here and there, that isn't too big of a deal as we usually have way more than enough resource overhead to accommodate spikes in usage. Being on the Cloud allows us to simply scale the resources to our Shared server as needed, or in some cases we'll just simply deploy a new host node or a new Shared VM if it'll make things simpler.

    Yeah, we had a couple reports of internal server errors in our portal area, so we went ahead and transfered our site/portal area onto a new server outside of our current network and did a few minor things. Although perhaps it's just me, but it does appear that our main site is loading a slower now, so it's something we're trying to get resolved.
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    Good to hear that Surmounted is keeping their clients happy.

    It would be great to hear back from you in a few months to see how things are going.
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