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    1and1 root server serial backup/restore

    Hi to all,

    Well all I can say it's defiantly Friday the 13th for me!

    In the early hours of this morning I had a server hardware fault which has resulted in my entire server being lost, not to worry me thinks as I have my backup on the 1and1 backup server which is cron'd by Plesk, well that's all well and good until I tried to restore them.

    First I have imaged my server to the same Centos 5 version which included Plesk 10.0.1, then via SSH I incrementally upgraded to each version to ensure every thing was reinstalled up to the latest version I had this being 10.2.0 as I have had issue before when trying to jump straight to the latest version.

    Now the fun starts as if I try to do a restore in Plesk which requires me to copy the personal FTP (1and1 backup server) repository to the server repository all hell breaks lose resulting in a server 500 error.

    I had this once before many years ago and remember there was a way to restore the 1and1 backup server via serial connection trouble is I cannot for the life of me remember the commands need to accomplish this so wondered in anyone here would know and care to share it please.

    I am looking to restore a backup of 4.80GB which might be why Plesk is having a fit, alternatively anyone know the command to download it locally for archive as I cannot afford to lose it. Again if I try this in Plesk it results in errors.

    Here's hoping some bright spark can come to my rescue

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    Here is the error being received while in Plesk

    Error: pmm-ras error (Error code = -6):
    == STDOUT ====================

    == STDERR ====================
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'plesk::CurlException'


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