Hello WHT members!

I'm a web designer/developer that also provides hosting services to my clients and, well, to you guys! Looking to fill up with some great sites! I have room for approx. 26 more accounts.


Essential :: $25 Annually :: Add to Cart
2GB Disk Space | 40GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features*

Standard :: $50 Annually :: Add to Cart
4GB Disk Space | 80GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Features*
Use code 40-4LIFE to pay $40/annually for life of the account!

*There are no restrictions to the amount of sub, addon, or parked domains, databases, email accounts, and ftp accounts. The catch? You must have a registered domain.

If you are looking to start-up a forum, blog, personal site, testing grounds, or need a file server or storage bin, then this is for you! All of my clients currently host small business websites and blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question: When will my account be activated?
    After your first invoice has been paid.

  • Prohibited Content?
    Adult content of any sort, IRC servers, anything illegal and or suspicious.

  • What about spam? Can I use my account to send spam?
    Terminate you I shall with no refund!

  • Do you offer dedicated IPs?
    Yes I do, on request.

Email me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.