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Nowadays Cloud hosting became more popular from day to day and the main reason of this is a greatest flexibility for an affordable price ever possible. provides superior cloud servers. Cloud serer is a server that gives you an ability to increase its capacity anytime when your project develops and requires more resources.

You can configure cloud servers as you want to have full root access to the Linux distribution that you choose. The price of cloud servers depends on its capacity, as results you will not overpay. You will only pay precise amount for the actual resources that will be used.

What is the difference between Cloud and Dedicated servers?
The difference between Cloud and Dedicated servers is that you can always increase the power of your server and you will not need to stop the work of you site and move all data from one server to another, or wait until tech enhance your dedicated server. Also you are not overpaying for unused resources. And yes, dedicated server won't provide you with such uptime and extreme reliability that cloud server provides.

What is the difference between Cloud and VPS servers?
The difference between Cloud and VPS servers is that many of the VPS offers no guarantee for those resources which are actually should be provided. A lot of companies use such technologies which are allows brutal overselling and as results your VPS slow down. Additionally as Dedicated server, VPS server won't provide you with such uptime and extreme reliability that cloud server provides.

So what is the sense to overpay? To be cheated having VPS? Or even get in stuck due to hardware problems or low reliability?

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Why CaroCloud?
Here is just several reasons:

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Basic configuration:
1 CPU core
512Mb Ram
20GB storage
Exceptional value and flexability
Gorgeous hosting uptime never known before
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