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    urgent help for setting 2 reseller acocunts on 1 site

    I recently purchased 2 reseller hostings from different companies. For instance, ONSHORE hosting from A.COM and OFFSHORE hosting from B.COM

    So i got an email from first, so i registered my name server's in my domains panel and everything. So everything seems to be working for's reseller account. If i goto and mysite/cpanel then it will take me to whm and cpanel provided by

    But now, I got reseller confirmation email from B.COM, so how do i set them up now? And how would i find there panel [without using IP]?


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    If you are intending to use the same domain to access both resellers' cPanel/WHM, you would probably need to set up A records for your domain to distinguish between the two reseller hosting accounts. For example and would point to the respective reseller hosting accounts' IP addresses. You can then access cPanel/WHM of either account by visiting and - Stellar Shared and Reseller Hosting
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    Also the secondary host will need to provide the paths naturally.

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    HostStellar_jansen has been REALLY VERY helpful.
    Been helping me for hours to be honest.

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