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    Help - Problem with VPS Dovecot / POP3 Connection

    Hope this is the right section for this.

    I'm having an ongoing issue with being able to consistently connect to my POP3 server and am looking for some help.

    I have a managed linux VPS with VPSLatch and btw those guys provide fantastic service so I highly recommend them for noobs like me.

    So, I use the server mostly for emailing, and relay from a desktop mailer I use. I am able to connect to the POP3 server to retrieve mails so it works, settings are correct, etc.

    BUT from time to time throughout the day I will be unable to connect to the POP3 server, and must wait 20-30 minutes in order to establish another connection.

    When this happens I get the telnet error "cannot connect to port 110" and within my mailing program get the error "socket would block".

    I never have issues with SMTP connections.

    I could sure use some help with this if anyone is feeling kind today.

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    Have you checked if at that exact moment there are network issues ( your ISP or the VPS itself ). In any case I guess you can ignore the error and try again a bit later.

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    Its a good question. Thanks.

    It seems to me the connect error occurs too frequently for it to be coincidental timing with an issue with the VPS, the guys at VPSLatch have looked into it, made some adjustments to things I don't understand but relate to settings for POP3 access. Yet the problem still occurs.

    As for the ISP I can't really say. Maybe its some issue with the DSL modem? Some of my research is pointing to that, that it needs to be reset when this happens but just doing a modem reset is not an ideal solution.

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    Try to coonect through SSL port of IMAP. and direct hostname.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stardust_x7 View Post
    Try to coonect through SSL port of IMAP. and direct hostname.
    Ok, thanks. That's over my head but I'm looking into how to do that now.

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