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    * Cant boot in Netinstall ISO(KVM)

    Hey all WHTers,

    I am currently trying to setup a server with
    Software Raid10
    SolusVM Slave

    But, In KVM, I cannot get the ISO to be booted, And in BIOS, Number 1 is virtual media so it should be working.

    Im using HP Proliant Onboard Administrator KVM.

    So can someone please tell me why isnt it booting with the Netinstall ISO? Please suggest if you see something is wrong or ask me any questions about this because BIOS has Virtual media on Number 1, I really need to get this running up today.

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    I have never used an HP servers out of band management but I have done virtual remote installs using Dell and Lantronix/Supermicro out of band. I find that the number #1 thing that impacts success in these cases is to make sure that the KVM device and the BIOS of the server in question are at their latest versions.

    There is a huge difference at least with Lantronix/Dell products between BIOS revisions.
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    Had the same problem with my HP server, i switched in bios to usb and it started properly from virtual media, go figure why, but it actually works

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    Can anyone please explain to me how this HP one works?

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