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    [EU / AUSTRIA] DUALCORE ATOM 29Euro: 320Gb HDD / 2Gb Ram / 250Gb Traffic / 3 IPs

    Your benefits when hosting with us:

    ***** In business since 1999 - we are here to stay! *****

    *** Fully owned Datacenter in Graz (Austria, in the heart of Europe) with multiple Gigabit uplinks and power from 100% water generated energy.
    *** Strict Privacy laws, no Customer data is given out without court order.
    *** Free 2day KVM to install your own OS on request!
    *** All servers are on Gigabit ports!
    *** Each server is installed manually and tested - no HDD imaging technology, no problems.

    Payment possible over:
    *Paypal (Euro) (Paypal credit and Creditcards)
    *Creditcards (All)
    *Bank Transfer (German & Austrian account available, Euro only)
    *Western Union

    All servers are connected over Gigabit:
    From Netherlands: (40.3 MB/s) - `1000mb.bin' saved
    From Cachefly: (51.8 MB/s) - `1000mb.test' saved
    From Germany: (72.1 MB/s) - `1000MB.qsc' saved
    From Czech Republic: (67.6 MB/s) - `1000MB.bin' saved
    From USA: (30.9 MB/s) - `1000mb.bin' saved
    From UK: (71.0 MB/s) - `1000mb.bin' saved

    Feel free to contact us over email at [email protected]
    or by Phone (8:00-17:00) +43 316 827 500 300
    if you have any questions or problems.

    *** Our current SPECIAL dedicated server offers: ***

    Dedicated server "ECO2":

    Intel Atom DUAL core + HT - (4x1,6Ghz)
    2Gb DDR2 Ram
    320Gb 7200rpm HDD
    250Gb traffic on 1000Mbit
    3 IPs (with changeable reverse DNS, 1 IP per default 2 more for free on request - more on request (Different /24, /22, /16 and /8 possible!))
    OS of your choice (Debian 5, Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS, CentOS, FreeBSD or KVM to install your own OS on Request)

    Only 29euro instead of 49 per Month - no Setup!
    Setup in UNDER 12 Hours when ordered in the next 4 hours!

    Register here: - then Login with your Data (Click "Einloggen" and follow the Order process.


    Available Addons:
    Fully managed option - 99euro per Month
    Remote reboot port - 10euro per Month
    KVM IP switch - 39euro per Month

    External backup (USB) storage (per Month):
    250Gb - 15euro
    320Gb - 19euro
    500Gb - 24euro
    1TB - 29euro


    Not allowed Content:
    Spam, Phishing, Warez

    Everything else is allowed (Adult/IRC is alllowed), if legal.

    Test IP:

    On request

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    Graz, Austria
    On a Sidenote (edit limit...):
    We just have 19 of these available for this price!

    So be fast


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