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    vps to install proxy squid?

    Hello. I'm looking for a vps to install proxy squid , but I want it for personal use , and is located where it can be installed easily , so you do not need a vps from 59 per month , Help! , also if you want to give me a tender will analyze to engage the plan that you offer me . or tell me a vps which you can install the squid proxy. I am newbie to squid proxy and vps . Thanks!

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    You can use pretty much any VPS for that, 128Mb ram is enough.

    You can try my script for setting it up (debian/ubuntu and anything else with apt):


    Will install and set it up + add your user + ask for the password while installing.

    Port will be 5000, and can be changed in /etc/squid/squid.conf like anything else (Other options are removed headers, so it is fully anonymous and not giving out your IP or anything else).

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    Please close my topic. the issue is resolved! Thanks!

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    Thanks EDIS. is functional! Thanks.

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    @EDIS: thanks for the script.

    Will it ever work on shared hosting? I mean tweaking the install paths...

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    No, since squid is a service and runs in background.

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