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    Windows 2003 Drops All Connections and Requires a Reboot


    I have been working on getting a rack up in a new datacenter and all the linux boxes seem to be working fine but with Windows 2003 I am having no luck at all.

    The scenario is like this.

    1) Start the Server Login to RDP
    2) Open a web browser
    3) Download a file 10MB (I have been using ISO's)
    4) Network Connection Dies and Requires Reboot

    I have IPMI to the servers so I can still get in a check on the system it says the connection is still active but nothing is pingable. I cant ping to or from the switch.

    I have tried switching duplex, flow control, driver updates (they are e1000 drivers).

    I just want to know if anyone else has ran into this and or found a solution?


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    Is there any firewall software installed on the server?

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